Spider Chronicles: The White-tail

I’ve always said that I’m more afraid of the spider web than I am of the spider itself…

...Then I met this little guy (image via termite.com.au).

White-tailed spiders wander about human dwellings (beds) and may be encountered unexpectedly, unlike the black house spider and the redback which are more often seen in a web. They may be responsible for a disproportionately high number of spider bites compared with other Australian spiders, because of their wandering habits.

They live in gardens and inside houses, beneath bark and rocks, in leaf litter and are often found in the folds of clothes, towels and shoes.[1] They do not build webs… Most active at night, they hunt for other spiders. – Wikipedia.org (accessed 28 Oct 2011)

I got up from the couch to stretch and get my blood flowing but after a very close encounter with this little arachnid, my heart started pumping a bit faster than I had bargained for.  I would not describe myself as a quick thinker (I’m more of a deep thinker) EXCEPT when I unexpectedly find myself faced with an emergency.  In situations where the average person might freeze or lose control, I remain calm, cool, and collected.  I come up with a plan almost instantly, and execute it quickly and methodically.  When I’m certain that the danger has passed, only then do I feel the effects of what might have gone wrong. – Anyone who has ever seen me in one of these situations can testify to this, and for those that don’t know me very well – it catches them totally off guard.

In this case it went a little something like this:

October 28th 2011

Initial reaction to seeing a giant spider crawling out from under the covered chest = 

“¡Santa María Madre de Dios!”

(Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus!)

  • Step 1: Assess the situation

Holy $&*%! That’s a White-tip! That sucker is deadly… I AM NOT GOING TO DIE TODAY! I need to add this to my “Spider Chronicles” for Mikie! … [2 second pause] … Okay!

  • Step 2: Grab a glass from the kitchen and place it over the spider.
Danger averted

Now I know that this particular spider will no longer be inflicting harm upon anyone, ever. This allows me to sit back for a minute (or 20) and contemplate my near death experience; while I wait for my heart to resume beating at a normal pace.

  • Step 3: Take pictures.
  • Step 4: Guarantee that I will not have to fear a bite from this spider ever again.





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