An ode to the not so distant past

What is it like to disappear?

I’ve been a member of facebook since it was first conceived as an exclusive college networking site.  They required you to have a valid university email address to create a profile.  Styled after the same concept as an “old-fashioned” Face Book — you can say its come a long way.

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I had never been a regular on the social networking site; never logged in on a regular basis, never updated my profile… My best friend finally convinced me to change my profile picture in 2009, the 1st time since creating my account – she was very excited when I finally gave in.  My activity on the site increased slowly when I decided to go back to school in Tallahassee, FL – 500 miles away from home.  Still, I didn’t pay it much attention.  I was too busy studying, going to school, living my life… I did not become a “regular” on facebook until I took a trip to Saipan, CNMI (USA).  It was the easiest way to keep in touch with my family.  Then I moved to Australia for school, and somehow it became the only way to keep in touch.  I slowly found myself becoming more than just a regular, I was approaching addiction.

I remember a world without facebook – and it was a lovely place, almost as lovely as the world without text messaging (but that’s another matter).

Its been less than 24-hours since I removed myself from the world of facebook and already I find myself asking… Well, what do I do now? – Followed by… What did I used to do?

The answer came quickly – I used to read books! Real ones… made of pressed cardboard and paper, bound with glue and string, the words pressed in ink, with pages you have to turn…

So!  That is what I intend to do.  Today I will fill my idle time by reading books, like I used to do.  But, for some reason I’ve decided to blog about it first, so blog about it I will.  I intend to turn this into a log, or perhaps even a guide, of things to do in lieu of facebook.

Every time I find myself asking what do I do now? I will add my answers to this entry.  My hopes are that with time, the entries become fewer and farther apart, as I no longer will have to ask what I should do away from facebook – and just start doing it.

October 1st 2011


1492: The Year Our World Began. By: Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Writing for Social Scientists. By: Howard S. Becker

October 2nd & 3rd

Still reading…

While I managed to get by for a whole day without any temptations for returning to facebook, the social networking site came up in conversation at least twice.  I really gave it no mind until a friend questioned my reasons for de-activating my profile.  I had expected people to ask me why I left, but this question did not address my personal motives for leaving.  It was more like – Why on earth would someone do such a thing?  My first response, the one I gave only to myself, was – are you serious?

Courtesy of my facebook page on August 15, 2011 - So glad someone's keeping tabs

Can you really not think of a single reason why someone might want leave a site which allows for others to keep a 24/7/365 log of your interactions; and for you to do the same with others’? … and what of the log that facebook keeps?

Today, October 3rd, 2011

When I asked myself what do I do now?  I logged on to wordpress and put my thoughts into writing.

Now I find myself asking – Is this any different? (being followed as a ‘blogger’ instead of a ‘social networker’) – What do you think?  I want to say that it is, but the truth is that I’m not sure.

In the words of Linda Richman,

Courtesy of Google Images via bottlegoose/

“I’m all verklempt.”

“Talk amongst yourselves…

I’ll give you a topic.”

Facebook – it’s neither face, nor book. — Discuss!


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One Response to An ode to the not so distant past

  1. Teresa says:

    Great move! I found myself subscribing to Facebook to keep up with you, and also to see what the rest of the family and kids where up to. I guess now I will have one less reason to log in. Keep on reading; it is more productive.

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