Welcome to “No Place Like Home”

Pitbull on Walmart Soundcheck

Example of a GenX Cuban-American: Image by Lunchbox LP via Flickr

For now you can call me Fulanita Tal Qual.  I was born and raised in the United States, and I aim to give you a Cuban-AmericanGen X” perspective of this wild and crazy (and beautiful) world we live in. – All from my point of view of course.  So sometimes I’ll throw a bit of “Spanglish” in here and there because that’s the way I view the world.

p.s. I fall into the late range of  gen x-ers and…
p.p.s. I went to high school with that guy pictured above.

Why x NoPlaceLikeHome x?

Because… what is home?  It has no meaning on its own, only the meaning that you give it.  It’s not a tangible place, but when you are there you know it right away… you feel it with your entire being.  It’s different for everybody and some people may feel like they have more than one – or none at all.  But everyone has an idea of what it feels like – or at least what it should feel like.  Finally, there’s the real space where you keep your things and where you keep yourself… you call that “home” too.

So whats my point?

Right now I have 3 homes.  The one I return to every night to sleep, the one where my family awaits my return, and the one that I long to find.  I carry the second one with me everywhere I go and it shapes the way I see the world.  This is the underlying theme of my blog.  How home shapes the way people view the world around them and how the world views people depending on where it is they call home.

There is no direction beyond that – Just whatever comes to mind..

… De todo un poco!

* A note on the photograph that headlines my page:  It was taken from the window of an airplane flying over Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida.  I took it from my seat, as I was leaving home on January 31st 2011 en route to Adelaide, SA, Australia where I am today. – My home is a truly unique & amazing place.

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